I am a Research Funding and Development Manager in the Office for Research at Australia’s Victoria University.


My research focuses on the strategic subcultures of terrorist groups who develop counter-power and pursue state-building. Planned future research will examine the Eurasianism political movement in contemporary Russia as a possible strategic subculture. In an earlier part of my research career, I examined decision-making in the internet, media, and finance industries. I have published in Contemporary Security Policy, Media International Australia, Journal of Futures Studies, and Media/Culture.


My PhD studies at Australia’s Monash University investigates why certain terrorist groups grow and persist using a new multi-level framework of strategic subcultures.


Prior to joining Victoria University, I worked in quality assurance and taught at Swinburne University, and was a senior researcher in the Smart Internet Technology CRC research consortium. I also edited and wrote for the Disinformation website between 1998 and 2008, and published freelance journalism in Australian and United States magazines.


My current Academic CVResearch Statement, and Teaching Statement.


I am a member of the International Studies Association and the Australian Political Studies Association.


I graduated with MA and MSc degrees from Monash University and Swinburne University, and a BA from La Trobe University.

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