21st February 2012: John Overdurf In Zagreb

John Overdurf is an interesting neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) trainer. He recently posted a recording of an NLP introductory session held in Zagreb, Croatia, in September 2010.  The session features Overdurf’s ‘All You Are Is Change’ routine; a Milton Erickson story; a discussion of nominalisation (turning processes or verbs into things or nouns); and Overdurf’s personal interpretation of psychology and the quantum zeno effect. Overdurf’s presentation has some seamless metaphors, nested loops, anchors, timelines, and other NLP techniques.

25th January 2012: ‘Classic’ Books on Milton Erickson

From an email to a colleague:


There are several ‘classics’ on Milton Erickson that go beyond his popular image as a hypnotherapist to discuss his unique contributions to therapeutic epistemology and methodology: Sidney Rosen’s My Voice Will Go With You collects teaching stories and anecdotes; Jay Haley’s Uncommon Therapy situates Erickson in terms of early family and solution-oriented therapies; William Hudson O’Hanlon’s Taproots, Stephen Lankton and Carol Hicks Lankton’s Answer Within, and Dan Short, Betty Alice Erickson and Roxanne Erickson-Klein’s Hope, and Resilience each discuss Erickson’s therapeutic methods beyond hypnosis, including progression and utilisation; and The Wisdom of Milton Erickson is a one-volume collection from his books, clinical papers, letters, and conference presentations.


There’s also a lot of information in the Milton Erickson Foundation’s past newsletters.