ISA 2015 Pitch Postmortem

Two paper proposals I pitched missed out on the first round of the International Studies Association’s next annual convention in New Orleans, February 2015. I’m on the waiting list.


I’m taking this as useful feedback. Here’s some things I’ll keep in mind for ISA 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia:


  • Spend more time in advance to craft and distill the papers to fit the ISA annual convention’s yearly theme.
  • Pitch individual panels on different streams / topics rather than two papers on variations of the one topic.
  • If possible make contacts in advance to be on panel and roundtable discussions.
  • Use the annual convention as a development tool for progressing the write-up of scholarly journal publications.
  • Keep online visibility tools – academic CV, Google Scholar, profile – up-to-date.


I’ll be working on all of these in the coming months to prepare for future academic conferences.