Beginner’s Mind

Dynamic Hedge on using the Zen-like beginner’s mind to find effective simplicity:


We need a certain level of refinement to talk about the specialized problems of each industry but don’t let that garbage get in your way — especially if you’re just getting started. In other words, don’t be afraid to seek out something effective before you reach anything even resembling sophistication. Some of the best strategies are extremely simple. Low hanging fruit is still available because people overlook it. Don’t assume something won’t work before you test it out. Countless people never start because they are worried about being embarrassed or making “obvious” mistakes that will tip off the world to their amateur status. Or they latch on to a flawed ideology because it sounded complicated enough to work and the message was delivered with confidence of a sophist. [emphasis added]


I will keep this in mind as I build my Prolog decision rules for a white box trading capability.