31st July 2012: Fixing TheStreet.com

In the late 1990s, I used to discuss magazine redesigns with publisher/editor/journalist Ashley Crawford. I also got to interview designer Roger Black on his creative process. I kept this in mind when Disinformation went through several redesigns whilst I was site editor. Now, Josh Brown, John Standerfer, and Mebane Faber consider how 1990s trader site TheStreet.com could be renewed. Brown focuses on the kind of editorial and content changes that I would discuss with Richard Metzger and Gary Baddeley at Disinformation. Faber notes the growth in financial and trader bloggers who challenge the late 1990s model of a site with editorial and writing staff. Standerfer distinguishes between three types of content developers: Reporters from media outlets; Observers who are like Faber’s bloggers; and Parrots who create ‘noise’ to drive advertising revenues and social media presence. (My preference is to combine the Reporters’ craft with the Observers’ accessible writing.)


It’s a good exchange that could apply to a lot of sites.