23rd December 2010: Stray PhD Thoughts

Several stray PhD thoughts amidst the Christmas rush:

The natural unfolding of a project differs from the PhD as an academic job requirement.

Publishing over a period of time can lead to an identity expressed to others as data fragments.

The choice of a topic imposes self-limits in the eyes of others who want a ‘frame of reference’.

Mastering a subject area can lead to awareness of what you do not know.

Anthropological and historical methods need immersion: difficult in ‘real-time’ environments which do not support ‘multi-ethnographic’ self-reflection.

Good writing requires solid editing, redrafting, and thinking time.

‘Holding the space’ can involve acceptance of self-doubt.

On hearing the outcome of an Australian terrorism case on radio news: a lot of time has passed, and the Antipodean context differs from the United States which is partly driven by Iraq and Afghanistan.