27th October 2010: Scrivener for Windows

Barry Saunders mentioned the Macintosh writing program Scrivener to me several months ago. I’m yet to make the jump from PC to Mac – so I added Scrivener, Papers and others to a list of ‘nice to have’ and ‘maybe/someday’ software. [For speed writing sessions there’s always Write or Die by Dr. Wicked; for self-therapy there’s Eliza and Daryl Sharp’s Kafka study The Secret Raven.]

Literature and Latte recently announced a beta version of Scrivener for Windows. I’ve played with a copy for 24 hours and found the corkboard and outlining tools very useful for planning out ideas. I also like the export function to Final Draft for film and television scripts. Literature and Latte’s Twitter feed has further info on Scrivener for Windows and user reactions.

I didn’t know The Atlantic’s James Fallows and other writers use Scrivener for their blogging and reportage. Anyone else?