Ye Olde 21C Magazine Editorial Sessions

A fun aspect of 21C Magazine‘s editorial sessions from mid-1995 to March-April 1998?

Seeing great articles hot off the email. How writing by typewriter changes how you write. Discussing which forthcoming book releases would be the source material for articles, who to assign writers to, and specific angles. It was like the early scenes of The New Republic in the film Shattered Glass (2004) without the plagiarism: back-and-forth ‘riffing’ on ideas and possibilities. The documentary The September Issue (2009) also captures aspects of these editorial, design, issue scheduling and pre-production processes for Anna Wintour’s Vogue.

There’s a bunch of new books around in the past few months (or that I’ve finally noticed on the bookshelves) that illustrate the kind of material that Ashley Crawford, Ray Edgar, and the team would discuss:

• William Gibson’s new novel Zero History (2010); Washington Post review and San Francisco Chronicle review

• Anita Thompson’s Ancient Gonzo Wisdom (2009) collection of Hunter S. Thompson interviews

Last Words: The Final Journals of William S. Burroughs (2001) edited by James Grauerholz

• William T. Vollmann’s mammoth Imperial (2009) on the Californian-Mexican borderlands

LA Times reports WSB has a ‘lost’ graphic novel coming out.

Check them out if they’re up your literary alleyway. Drop me an email if you have any vintage 21C or World Art issues you want to sell: I know fans.

A final thought: Whatever happened to RMIT Library’s 21C collection?