Worth Reading

Personal Research Program

Slate‘s Daniel Gross on why Conde Nast closed Gourmet:
Gross contends CN’s decision is a ‘capitulation’ indicator to leave a
market, and it needed a McKinsey’s report to cut costs.The New York
has an interactive feature on CN’s shrinking portfolio of publications.

ACSPRI’s 2010 summer program on mixed methods research.

The New Yorker‘s George Packer on what Obama and the Generals are reading:
Packer has two excellent paragraphs on the limits of analogical
thinking, what history is useful for, and how it should guide
policymakers. Worth comparison with the National Defense University’s Professional Military Reading List notably the Joint Forces Staff College reading list.
Packer has a useful decision rule to deal with confirmation bias: “no
books that you already know will confirm the views you already hold.”

Vanity Fair‘s Next Establishment list: there’s a potential research program here for somebody to map Digital Hollywood’s deal flow using Pajek or other social network analysis software.