I teach politics units using social constructivist and situated learning frameworks. I use current events to acculturate students to policymaker decision-making under uncertainty. I also draw on reflective practice, news and sentiment analysis in social media, and cultivating student skills in research, writing, and presentations.


Swinburne University and Swinburne Online


POL20008 Australian Foreign Policy (undergraduate) (TP 2, 2017)

Economics and Society (undergraduate) (TP 2, 2003)

New Media: The Telecommunications Revolution (postgraduate) (guest lectures) (TP 2, 2005; TP 1, 2006; TP 2, 2006)

Online Customer Service (undergraduate) (TP2, 2003)

Trends in International Business: Trends in Marketing (postgraduate) (guest lectures) (TP 2, 2007; TP 1, 2008; TP2, 2008)


Oases Graduate School


Time, Media and Consciousness (postgraduate) (guest lectures) (TP1, 2009)