24th February 2011: 40K PhD Theme Map

High-level theme map of 60% of the concepts in the first 40,000 words of ‘draft zero’ notes for my PhD project. Taken using Leximancer 3.5 software for content analysis. The project examines the evolution of strategic culture — a framework used in strategic studies, history and military sociology — in the sub-discipline of counter-terrorism studies. The full theme map has a more dense structure and sub-concepts. I discarded 80,000 words for another project and still have 65,000 words from written notes to analyse.

Leximancer’s Customer Insights & Social Media

Leximancer is data mining software that enables you to find statistically significant text patterns in unstructured data.  The software uses a collections/processing approach to gather a cohort of documents, specify filters and rules, run a batch process, and then displays a graphical concept map with causal and statistically significant relationships.  M&A, competitive intelligence, legal and market research teams may find this approach useful for document support.

University of Queensland researchers developed Leximancer, the UniQuest incubator commercialised it, and London’s Imprimatur Capital provided seed capital investment.  The team also recently launched a Customer Insight blog and portal which will explore Leximancer applications in customer experience, surveys and social media.  Its data analytics and statistics capabilities may make Leximancer the evidence-based management solution for those Technorati forecasters who suffer from optimism bias about keywords and the creation rate of new blogs.