I have 396 citations to-date (Google Scholar, 6th November, 2018).


Strategic Culture in Terrorist Organisations (PhD Thesis)


In my in-progress PhD thesis at Australia’s Monash University, I develop a new theory of strategic culture to understand how strategic subcultures (that enable counter-power and elite circulation) might evolve in terrorist organisations. I use a modified form of process tracing to analyse Japan’s Aum Shinrikyo across three dimensions: cultural transmission, social learning, and folklore. I reconceptualised Aum Shinrikyo’s Shambhala Plan as a senior leadership vehicle for social mobility, and traced the organisation’s ethical collapse, creating case universe links to elite deviance and white collar crime. I have published original articles from this research in Contemporary Security Policy and M/C Journal, and presented at the International Studies Association’s annual convention in Toronto, in 2014.


Research Program


My research program focuses on: How do coercion and rent-seeking practices work in international relations and contemporary neoliberal capitalism? To develop empirical studies I draw on three areas: (1) contemporary security problems (cultic and terrorist organisations, illicit networks, the psychology of complex nuclear deterrence); (2) the micro and meso conditions of political psychology (causal mechanisms from elite deviance, white collar crime, and terrorist psychology), and (3) the macro conditions of political economy (contagion, volatility, and social mobility and stratification processes).


This research program began in 1994 with journalism and the political economy of internet, media, and finance industries, including personal experiences with new religious movements and subcultures, the 2000 dotcom crash, the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001, and the 2008 global financial crisis. From 2011 onwards, from these experiences I learned the investment styles of event arbitrage and global macro.


Policy Expertise


I have policy expertise in counterterrorism and foreign policy. I have taught undergraduate units on Australian foreign policy and Australian politics. I have also written on Australian media, and defence and national security policy, Asia-Pacific security, and United States-Australian discourses on the Global War on Terror as grand strategy.