I have over 425 citations to-date and a h-index of 8 (Google Scholar,  2019).


Strategic Culture in Terrorist Organisations (PhD Thesis)


In my in-progress PhD thesis at Australia’s Monash University, I develop a new theory of strategic culture to understand how strategic subcultures (that enable counter-power and elite circulation) might evolve in terrorist organisations. I use a modified form of process tracing to analyse Japan’s Aum Shinrikyo across three posited causal mechanisms: cultural transmission, social learning, and folklore. I reconceptualise Aum Shinrikyo’s Shambhala Plan as a senior leadership vehicle for social mobility, and trace the organisation’s ethical collapse. I have published original articles from this research in Contemporary Security Policy and M/C Journal, and presented at the International Studies Association’s annual convention in Toronto, in 2014.


Research Program: Strategic Subcultures


My post-PhD research program focuses on: How do mesolevel institutional and organisational actors build viable strategic subcultures? My post-PhD research program focuses on two areas. The first is to expand theory-building in strategic culture through integration with recent findings in evolutionary psychiatry in order to understand terrorist organisations, radicalisation, and militant social movements. The second is to consider the possibility of strategic subcultures as mediating, organisational functions in the face of crisis theory (including Marxist, Neoliberal, Post-Capitalist, and Post-Keynesian forms).


My empirical studies use counterfactuals, causal case studies, event studies, and process tracing. I also draw on personal autoethnographic experiences with social mobility, on-going undergraduate teaching about comparative economic and political systems, and insights from my earlier research on theory-testing in internet, journalism, digital media, and foreign policy decision-making. 


I have published on a range of other subjects including on the 2000 dotcom crash; the 2000 and 2004 United States presidential elections; the 11th September 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States; interviews with United States design, media, and subculture figures; contemporary political and social issues in the United States and Australia; and strategies for grant and research program development.


Policy Expertise


I have policy expertise in counterterrorism and foreign policy. I have taught undergraduate units on Australian foreign policy and Australian politics. I have also written on Australian media, and defence and national security policy, Asia-Pacific security, and United States-Australian discourses on the Global War on Terror as grand strategy.