Strategic Culture in Terrorist Organisations (PhD Thesis)


In my in-progress PhD thesis at Monash University, I examine group level processes of leadership, strategy formulation, cultural transmission, social learning, and folklore in terrorist organisations. I use process tracing to analyse Aum Shinrikyo and the Islamic State. I develop several new, empirical multi-level models, and provide policymaker guidance.


I have published original articles from this research in Contemporary Security Policy and M/C Journal, and presented at the International Studies Association’s annual convention in Toronto, in 2014.



Policy Expertise


I have policy expertise in counterterrorism and foreign policy. I have written on Australian defence and national security policy, Asia-Pacific security, and United States-Australian discourses on the Global War on Terror.


Earlier Research (1999-2011)


In an earlier period of my research career, I published journal articles, conference papers, and contract research reports on the internet, media, and finance industries. In particular, I wrote about journalist skills-building and the impacts of global risk events on these industries. I have published original articles in Media International Australia, Journal of Futures Studies, and M/C Journal.