Strategic Culture in Terrorist Organisations (PhD Thesis)


In my in-progress PhD thesis, I examine group level processes of leadership, strategy formulation, cultural transmission, social learning, and folklore in terrorist organisations. I use process tracing to analyse Aum Shinrikyo and the Islamic State. I develop several new, empirical multi-level models, and provide guidance to interested policymakers.


I have published original articles from this research in Contemporary Security Policy and M/C Journal, and presented at the International Studies Association’s annual convention in Toronto, in 2014.


Political Psychology of Rising Powers


I have emerging research about the role of strategic culture in the disinformation, propaganda, and information warfare surrounding rising powers, notably China and Russia. This work synthesises insights from political psychology, and experience as an editor and journalist in the internet / media industries.


Policy Expertise


I have policy expertise in counter-terrorism, economic statecraft, foreign policy, and security. I have recently written on Australian defence and national security policy, Asia-Pacific security, and United States-Australian discourses on the Global War on Terror. I am also interested in neoliberalism and income inequality.


Earlier Research (1999-2011)


In an earlier period of my research career, I published journal articles, conference papers, and contract research reports on the internet, media, and finance industries. In particular, I wrote about journalist skills-building and the impacts of global risk events on these industries. I have published original articles in Media International Australia, Journal of Futures Studies, and M/C Journal.