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August 15, 2007

FWD's Summer Reading List 2007

FrontWheelDrive.com publisher Roy Christopher kindly invited me to contribute to FWD's annual Summer Reading List for 2007. My selections capture several different contexts and considers domain applications of Strategic Foresight and Strategic Intelligence for military grand strategy; post-mortems on covert operations; cool-hunting in new wave and post-punk music; and how art-forms as diverse as martial arts and horror short stories are used for cultural regeneration. I threaded several themes on self-reflection, practice and transmission throughout my review selections.

FWD's other contributors include Disinformation publisher Gary Baddeley, Gang Of Four legendary bassist Dave Allen, VRML maven Mark Pesce, and omniscient scientist Howard Bloom. Happy reading!

August 22, 2007

Democracy Is Dead. Long Live Democracy!

Okay, so posting this copied text below is against the rules, so if the author, Michael Pascoe, or the publisher, represented my beloved Crickey.com.au complain, I'll pull it down immediately. But, it's so damn good, so adroit, that I feel I can't quote one sentence without quoting it all.

My commentary, before the Crikey's editorial, is that Pascoe has nailed the core problem with Australia's current state of democracy. Forget the important issue of Federalism, the voting system we have and anything else you can think of, and (in my not-so-humble opinion) go straight to the fact that Howard and co have systematically muzzled civil society in Australia over the past 11 years.

You can start with the fact that no non-profit can achieve that status without complying to the outrageous requirement to not use their funds to support or voice political positions. Pardon me, but what the heck are most of our non-profits for but to campaign for change while doing their best to fill the gaps our current system can't provide for. And these cracks are full of flesh-and-blood people mind you!

But back to the main rant....

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August 23, 2007

A Short, Sharp Shock

I've been glued to Bloomberg & CNBC for the past few days watching U.S. post-mortems on the "technical correction" of the subprime mortgage market. This has been a "guilty pleasure" since reading George Soros's "reflexivity" theory a decade ago, and more recently following the Capital Markets CRC.

Capital markets' role --- particularly the new "actors" such as currency speculators and risk arbitrageurs --- is one dividing line between the worldviews of "pragmatic" and "critical" futurists. Susan Strange's description of capital markets as a "casino economy" and Ulrich Beck's "world risk society" (Masters essay PDF) appeal to "critical" school exponents.

This description misses the "excluded middle" that many risk arbitrageurs in the Vaeshya caste use "critical" school theories for "pragmatic" ends.

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