Personal Mythologists (Forthcoming)


In this intriguing book, Australian political scientist Alex Burns interviews premillennial subcultural icons and conducts New Journalism experiments.


The Personal Mythologists include Vali Myers, the Bohemian muse who created an artistic life; Peter Greenaway, the gifted and controversial film director; J.G. Ballard, the science fiction author who foresaw the Anthropocene; Noam Chomsky, the linguist and political scholar who campaigned for Timor-Leste’s freedom; Robert Anton Wilson, the guerrilla ontologist and target of internet rumours; Jack Sarfatti, the maverick quantum physicist whose time travel theories influenced popular Hollywood films, ethnobotanist Terence McKenna, who inspired fascination with the Mayan calendar, 2012, and virtual reality; Don Edward Beck and Chris Cowan, explorers of memes and human values systems; and Marshall T. Savage, who developed a long-term plan for humans to colonise space.


Personal Mythologists gives you an audience with the desires and dreams of creative geniuses.