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I’m a Melbourne, Australia-based university research manager based in Victoria University’s Office for Research. This blog expresses my own opinions.


I have Masters qualifications in strategic foresight (Swinburne University); counterterrorism studies (Monash University), and a Bachelors major in cinema studies, with minors in politics and philosophy (La Trobe University).


I’m currently a PhD student in Monash University’s School of Political & Social Inquiry. I examine how strategic culture (long-term, culturally transmitted influences on strategic decision-makers) might shape terrorist organisations: Aum Shinrikyo, Al Qaeda, and the FARC. I have other case studies in-progress on the 1983 nuclear war scare; the Herman & Chomsky propaganda model of the media; and the SEC v. Steve A. Cohen insider trading case. These may become PhD chapters or academic journal articles.


My research program also examines the sociology of alpha generation in investment, disruptive innovation, and strategic foresight. These interests over a decade now converge on understanding how activist hedge fund managers and traders can influence financial markets.


I am a member of the International Studies Association (ISA).


Formerly, I was a university-based researcher, website editor, and freelance journalist. I was known for work with the Disinformation alternative news website, which I edited in two stints from 1999 to 2008, and for articles in the Australian culture and science magazines 21C and Revelation (now a Perth-based film festival).


I have personal experience in the Gurdjieff Work, the Temple of Set, and Chan Buddhist mindfulness practice. I also have an interest in the Nyingma school and Dzogchen teaching of Tibetan Buddhism, and the Buddhist deity Tara. I have done practitioner training in Clare W. Graves‘ biopsychosocial system with Chris Cowan and Natasha Todorovic (Spiral Dynamics).


My curriculum vitae (PDF), academic publications (PDF), and Google Scholar citations (HTML).

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