On Further Research

I’m currently writing up the first draft of the final chapter of my PhD thesis. I’ve identified some possible areas of further research: causal models, red team thinking, machine learning, and more.


I’ve encountered several of these possible areas in the past. I wrote about red team thinking in 2002-04 whilst in the Strategic Foresight program at Swinburne University. At that time, I focused on competitive intelligence, game theory, and the sociology of risk. Causal models arose in an abandoned project in 2008-10 to discover pattern languages in counterterrorism studies. Machine learning interests also emerged in study of hedge fund and high frequency trading platforms.


I need to think further about how to develop these areas into a coherent and viable post-thesis research program. I’m consulting Peter J. Feibelman’s A PhD Is Not Enough! (2nd ed.) (New York: Basic Books, 2011) for relevant insights.