24th April 2012: How ECRs Can Fast-Track Their Institutional Capital

Early Career Researchers


RMIT University’s excellent Research Whisperer blog has a guest post by me on Early Career Researchers (the first 5 years after PhD completion):


ECRs should cultivate university administrators as potential allies who can help you to understand the institution’s unwritten rules. In addition, university administrators see and often review hundreds of curriculum vitae, grant applications and rejoinders, and publishing track-records. They’ve already developed the rapid cognition and intuitive judgment about what is needed to increase the quality of the document and its probability of success. They don’t need to be experts in your specific field or discipline.


I also respond to Melissa Gregg‘s recent call for ‘strategic complacency’ in universities.


Thanks to Tseen Khoo and Jonathan O’Donnell for the editing expertise, and the awesome Rosie X for the academic photo.


Image: Australian Academy of Science.