5th December 2011: Buy Ben Eltham Lunch

Ben Eltham (New Matilda; Crikey)

Ben Eltham is a prolific Australian writer and commentator on national affairs, arts and politics for New Matilda, Crikeyand other online publications.

You can support Eltham’s writing here — I urge you to do so.

Eltham and I have co-written a number of academic journal articles and conference papers, on Twitter and Iran’s 2009 election (PDF and presentation PDF); Australia’s Film Finance corporation and international tax arbitrage (PDF); and on the 2009 Victorian bushfires and journalism (PDF). Our joint paper on Twitter and Iran remains our most academically cited article. Along with his New Matilda and Crikey work, this should convey Eltham’s talent.

Twitterati can follow Eltham here whilst his Google Scholar profile is here.