8th October 2010: Weekend Viewing

Charles Ferguson has created an informative, well designed site for his global financial crisis documentary Inside Job (2010) that includes a glossary, list of non-interviewees, and background research material. IMDB has several clips here. Ferguson’s previous documentary No End In Sight (2007) on Iraq is also excellent. Ferguson’s career trajectory from researcher to documentary film-maker echoes that of international relations theorist James Der Derian and ‘action foresight’ proponent Jose M. Ramos.

The New Yorker‘s annual ‘Money’ issue (11th October 2010): Steve Coll, Nora Ephron, Malcolm Gladwell, John Seabrook, James Surowiecki, and others (subscription required).

The Orb and David Gilmour‘s album Metallic Spheres (2010): Pitchfork’s review tweaked my interest . . .