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Personal Research Program

McKinsey asks Conde Nast for an across-the-board 25% cut to its expenditure budgets.

US M&A deal flow is on the rise, such as the Xerox-ACS deal (CNBC video).

The New Yorker's John Cassidy on the 'rational irrationality' of financial markets.

How private equity targets the vulnerabilities of integrated supply chains in America's automobile manufacturing industry.

Australian strategist Paul Monk on the rise of the market state.

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New York Times
and Slate obituaries on speechwriter and columnist William Safire.

TNR's Daniel Pauly poses a dystopian scenario: the 'aquacalypse' or end of fish.

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Personal Research Program

Twitter's Latest Valuation: $1 Billion.

McKinsey to cut Conde Nast magazine budgets by 25%?

David Elstein's Beesley Lecture on public media in the digital age and Guardian commentary.

Iran Under Ahmadinejad.

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Editors take a red pen to Dan Brown and Sarah Palin.

Popmatters remembers 'gonzo' journalist Hunter S. Thompson.

Venezuela's Dangerous Liaisons.

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Personal Research Program

The Analysis of Breathtaking Risk research note and applied summary.

George Packer reads the McChrystal Report on Afghanistan, after The Washington Post's editors delayed its public release.

Michael O'Hanlon's Foreign Affairs article on the retreat of US missile defence in Europe.

Scenes from the Violent Twilight of Oil.

Entertainment Economy

Slate's Louis P. Masur on the making of Bruce Springsteen's Born To Run.

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Why Richard Posner Became A Keynesian.

Newly Declassified Files Detail Massive FBI Data-Mining Project.

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What I'm Reading

Edwin Elton, Martin Gruber and Christopher Blake's The Investment Portfolio User's Manual and Software (2nd ed, John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken NJ, 2007).

Personal Research Program

Slate's Jack Schafer on US 'save the newspapers' legislation.

Wired on the Apocalyptic Soviet Doomsday Machine and New York Times review and excerpt.

University Commercialisation and Research

Big Universities Report Steep Investment Losses: Is this the end of the Swensen model?

The Netflix Prize research dividend as reported by Wired, Slate and The New York Times.

Are you coming to UniGateway's launch in October for university commercialisation activities?

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New Yorker video 'Pecking Order' on backyard chickens.

Matt Jones' presentation on trends in architecture and city anthropology (with thanks to Barry Saunders).

The return of chess grandmasters Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov.

Dr Ken Henry's GFC talk to the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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Robert Fripp's soundscapes for Microsoft's Vista and Worldwide Telescope software.

Stephen Kinsella's Economics for Business lectures.

Carl Jung's Red Book and The New York Times coverage of the behind-the-scenes battle to get the memoirs published.

Joshua Gans take note: how inventors are using auction theory to protect their patents, via firms including Pluritas, Intellectual Ventures, Allied Security Trust and Rational Patent Exchange.

Christopher Hitchens and The New York Times obituaries of neoconservative 'godfather' Irving Kristol.

Foreign affairs maven Robert D. Kaplan on the Al Jazeera network.

Australian Treasury press release and consultation discussion paper on R&D tax incentives.

The merger battle between University of Melbourne and Melbourne Business School.

Worth Reading

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John Boyd's essay Destruction & Creation (1976) and compendium.

John Boyd's presentation Organic Design for Command and Control (PowerPoint and original).

Background on the Nifty Nugget (1978) and Proud Spirit (1980) war mobilisation exercises, which Boyd mentions.

LTC Steven W. Peterson's interesting essay Central But Inadequate (2004) about Boyd's influence and the role of classical military theorists on the US military's 2003 campaign in Baghdad, Iraq.

The two recent academic studies on Boyd, Grant T. Hammond's The Mind of War (Smithsonian, Washington DC, 2001) and Frans Osinga's Science, Strategy and War (Routledge, New York, 2007), are on my PhD 'draft zero' reading list.

Worth Reading

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Fed Chief Says Recession 'Is Very Likely Over'

Commemorating 9/11: Integral Politics Resources

John Boyd's strategy paper Destruction and Creation (1976)

Washington Post's Walter Pincus on the US National Intelligence Strategy report and press release (2009)

Slate's Fred Kaplan on bribing Afghanistan

New Matilda's Ben Eltham on Telstra's (looming) structural separation

Terry Flew's Social Media presentation at Murdoch University

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Worth Reading

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Worth Reading

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Worth Reading

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The moment we found a Bosavi woolly rat (with thanks to Leon Wild).

The New Yorker's Sasha Frere-Jones on Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails' final tour.

My 2008 presentation on Reznor and Radiohead's strategies during 'label shopping' negotiations.

What Reznor possibly wished he had produced and why it leaked to BitTorrent.

Sears Holdings chairman Edward Lampert responds to Barron's.

TNR's Peter Boone and Simon Johnson on the next financial crisis.

Johnny Rotten revives Public Image Ltd.

Richard Metzger's new site Dangerous Minds.

Worth Reading

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The Wall Street Journal on the boom in software platforms for open source intelligence in finance, regulatory compliance and intelligence analysis, such as Palantir Technologies.

Search the Global Terrorism Database of the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) at the University of Maryland.

Oliver Stone returns to Wall Street with the sequel Money Never Sleeps.

How 9/11 conspiracy theories may have ended Obama's appointment of 'green' expert Van Jones.

Security maven Bruce Schneier on Australian counterinsurgency expert David Kilcullen (with thanks to Barry Saunders).

Chronicle of Higher Education on Facebooking your way out of (academic) tenure.

Critics have predominantly interpreted Neil Blomkamp's science fiction film District 9 (2009) as an allegory on South Africa's apartheid system, racism and xenophobia. Below are four ideological views of the film's narrative arc and plot elements. In the spirit of W. W. Warren Wagar's work on alternative social futures, these also highlight how the same media artifact can be perceived through different political philosophies.

Worth Reading

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Paul Krugman asks: How did economists get it so wrong?

The neoconservative patriarch Norman Podhoretz on the mythologisation of intellectuals.

Photographer Annie Leibovitz may consider securitisation to get out of a liquidity crunch.

The New Yorker's Caleb Crain on the economics of pirate ships.

The Internet at 40.

Worth Reading

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Strategist Edward Luttwak on Atilla the Hun and the status of military historiographers in academe.

Barry Saunders on journalism in an age of data abundance.

The Kevin Rudd essay (PDF) that the geopolitics journal Foreign Affairs rejected.

How the collapse of Lehman Bros. created a global shockwave and the anniversarial debate.

Why the StatArb hedge fund Renaissance Technologies red-flagged Bernie Madoff in 2003 and the SEC report (PDF).

Rewriting the political punditry of military historian Max Boot and neocon Paul Wolfowitz, who calls for a rethink on realist foreign policy, despite critics.

View some free university lectures on Academic Earth and YouTube Edu.

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